The Hardest Part of Reaching Fitness Goals

Last week I wrote a post about how I was off track with my healthy eating habits and had just meal prepped my week of food. Prepping my own meals for the week helps me to not only know that what I’m eating is made of fresh, real ingredients, but it helps me to make sure I’m getting enough of all of the vitamins and protein I need to stay healthy and gain muscle.

It is now week 4 of Kayla Itsines’ Beach Body Guide and I’m starting to not only see a difference in my boy, but feel a difference in my body. I think that once you get over the initial few weeks of working out, starting to see and feel a difference is what keeps you going.

It also helps that I have a few awesome co-workers who have decided to do the program with me. Working out with someone can sometimes make you feel more accountable, like planning an important meeting that you can’t cancel because you can’t let them down. It’s also nice to have other people feel sore the next day and can laugh at how difficult the workouts seem while you’re sweating through them.

In addition to doing the beach body guide, we also have made it a weekly ritual to attend a yoga class each week. The balance between the quick, high-intensity sessions of circuit training and the hour long yoga focus of stretching each muscle and strengthening the body and mind has truly pushed me physically and mentally. With each pose attempted, and each circuit completed, I am closer than I have ever been to achieving my goals of being fit, tone and flexible.

The hardest part of reaching my goals has been starting, and now eating healthy and working out have become such a meaningful partΒ of my life.


Aroma Yoga with YL Essential Oils

Create a more impactful Yoga session with essential oils! Aromatherapy is a great way to find a deeper center and help focus your attention on the poses rather than the list of things to do in your head. They can help relax you while also awakening you and creating an alertness that gives you the energy to hold poses. Here are a few tips from Young Living!

YL Yoga 1

YL Yoga 2

YL Yoga 3

YL Yoga 4